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Do We Need More (Intentional) Comedians in Public Office?

Do We Need More (Intentional) Comedians in Public Office?

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

Stop me if you've heard this one.

A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a polling place - and a comedian gets elected president!

As followers of international politics know, sitcom star Volodymyr Zelensky - a man with no experience in the military or government - won a landslide victory over Ukraine's incumbent president (a politician with no apparent experience busting ghosts, crashing weddings or serving as a grizzled, by-the-book mentor to a free-spirited young partner).

Can you imagine what the past, present and future of OUR society would be like if more TV goofballs, movie misfits and stand-up comics ran for public office at the local, state and national level?

Combining comedy cliches, pop culture catch-phrases and insulated Hollywood culture, here are the sort of developments I suspect we would have seen:

- Goodbye, governors cutting the ribbon to inaugurate a massive project. Hello, governors smashing watermelons to inaugurate a massive project!

- "C'mon, numbskulls! Hoist me up so I can give those Mount Rushmore guys an eye poke!"

- Three words for improving relations with the United Nations? Instead of "Let's work together," how about "Well, excuuuuuuuse ME"?

-"You mean we really do need to upgrade our military arsenal? Can't we just drop an F-bomb or 20 on all those &^%%$##@ foreigners who go spoiling for a fight?"

- "The Brits PAY hockey pucks like you and your family to hang around Buckingham Palace? What, did London Bridge fall down and give the voters permanent concussions?"

- "I'm overweight and balding. I'm a bum around the house. I'm incompetent as the town dog catcher. So, where's my HOT WIFE?"

- "My solution for the Palestinian issue? We're a-movin' on up, to the West Bank..."- "I'm pleased to say the warden has Old Sparky fully functional again. Now, who's on first?"

- "But the committee chairman promised me it would be 'a very special filibuster'!"

- "Quick! I can't let my ex see me still without allies! Sign the back of this Whole Foods circular and pretend it's a bilateral trade agreement!"

- From the man who brought you "Eat It" and "Amish Paradise," it's "The Cattle Hymn of the Republic." ("Mine eyes have felt the stinging from the methane of the cows...")

- "No, no - it's not the town's PENSION FUND that is coming completely unraveled. It's the World's Largest Ball of String! How I love the hijinks that ensue when someone hears half a conversation! Ooo...Clyde the street cleaner jumped to his death from how many stories up?"

- "What do you mean stunt doubles get overtime for facing subpoenas?"

- "After a strong start, ratings for the U.S. Constitution continue to decline. Quick! Give the Statue of Liberty a baby!"

- "I'm going to need my running mate to be my STRAIGHT MAN - not that there's anything wrong with that!"

- "Will the sanitation department pick up your garbage, or won't they? Will they, or won't they? *Chuckle* This sexual tension could drag on for five years."

- "This is your commander in chief, communicating with you from a secret underground bunker. So, what's the deal with mushroom clouds, all of a sudden? A missile just flew in from Pyongyang, and boy are my arms glowing!"

*Sigh* You editors just had to have your full 600-word column, didn't you? This is ANOTHER fine mess you've gotten us into!


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