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4/19/2016 Tina Dupuy on hiatus until Jan 2017
3/24/2016 Vulgarians Against Trump
3/17/2016 Dupuy on Vacation
3/3/2016 Quitting the GOP
2/25/2016 The Hillary Paradox
2/19/2016 Black Presidents Matter
2/11/2016 Hate-Watching the Election
2/4/2016 No Rubio, Rights are Man-Made
10/22/2015 Bush Kept Us Safe*
10/15/2015 Liberals, It's OK to Like Bernie Sanders
10/1/2015 Payday Lenders: 'We're Not Bottom Feeders'
9/24/2015 American Politics: Disagreeing to Agree
9/17/2015 The War on What's Inside of Women
9/10/2015 Religious Bigotry is Still Bigotry
8/27/2015 Josh Duggar and the End of the Anti-Gay Crusaders
8/20/2015 GOP Candidates: From Bad to Very Bad
8/6/2015 Pro-Life is Anti-Gun
7/30/2015 Governor Jindal's Stand Against Religious Freedom
7/24/2015 Trump: Rising From the GOP's Ashes
7/16/2015 Peace is Boring
7/2/2015 Republicans Are at Odds with Corporate America
6/25/2015 Obamacare Ruling is a Conservative Win
6/18/2015 Rachel Dolezal is Acting Like a Child Abuse Victim Acts
6/11/2015 How McDonald's Can Truly Be Modern and Progressive
5/28/2015 Thank You, Nebraska Republicans!
5/14/2015 The Bush Years: An Explainer
5/7/2015 Ms. Identity Politics
4/30/2015 The GOP's Daddy Issues
4/23/2015 End the War on Deadbeat Dads
4/2/2015 Freedom Isn't a Zero-Sum Game
3/26/2015 A New Era of Televangelists
3/19/2015 The Anarcho-GOP
3/12/2015 The First Female President
2/26/2015 Bill O'Reilly: The Make Believe War Correspondent
2/6/2015 The Rise of the Charlatans
1/29/2015 The Entertainment Industry Enabled Cosby
1/23/2015 Choosing Weed Policy Over Cyber Security
1/15/2015 America's Also-Ran Industrial Complex
12/19/2014 The Tale of Two Christmases
12/11/2014 We're a Nation of Laws
12/5/2014 Thank Secularists for Christmas
11/28/2014 Officer Darren Wilson Isn't the Point
11/20/2014 Republicans Can Stop Pretending They Want Immigration Reform
11/13/2014 Think Over 'Under God'
10/30/2014 The Governors Who Cried Quarantine
10/23/2014 Decriminalize Poverty; End the War on Drugs
10/16/2014 Please Politicize Ebola
10/9/2014 Where's the Storm We Were Promised?
10/2/2014 Just Agree to Agree
9/18/2014 On the Internet There's No Such Thing as a True Science Denier
9/11/2014 The Dumb Debate: Big vs Small
9/4/2014 How CVS Can Really Be a Leader in Health
8/28/2014 Punishing Africa for Buying Our Exports
7/24/2014 Children Seeking Asylum and Finding Antipathy
7/17/2014 Two Minutes of Hate: The Bergdahl Edition
7/10/2014 Immigrants and the Cootie Offense
7/3/2014 Conservatives' Women Troubles
6/30/2014 Freedom for Hobby Lobby's Religion
6/19/2014 Bring Us More Dick Cheney... and Liz
6/12/2014 My Evergreen Column About the Latest Mass Shooting
6/5/2014 E-Cigarettes Should Be E-Regulated
5/29/2014 Our Religion of The Founding Fathers
5/22/2014 Casual Racism vs Institutionalized Racism
5/15/2014 The Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton Game
5/8/2014 A Divide and Conquer 'Gaffe'
5/1/2014 How to End Slavery in the US (Spoiler: Decriminalize Prostitution)
4/17/2014 How Not to Talk About Wealth Inequality
4/10/2014 The Grim Repo: Medi-Cal Estate Recovery Act
3/27/2014 A Truce in Moral Superiority
3/20/2014 Keep Bossy, Ban Pink Ribboning
3/13/2014 The Diminishment of Religious Persecution
3/6/2014 The New GOP Frontrunner for 2016: Vladimir Putin
2/20/2014 Don't Like Food Stamps? Raise the Minimum Wage
2/13/2014 Legitimizing Rape
2/6/2014 Separate 'Marriage' and State
1/30/2014 The GOP Psyche An Explainer
1/23/2014 Reproductive Rights and The Golden Rule
1/9/2014 Employers Can Take 'Personal Responsibility' For Poverty Wages
1/2/2014 OK, GOP, Defend Speech You Don't Agree With
12/19/2013 My 2013 Holiday Wish List
12/12/2013 This is What Peace Looks Like
12/5/2013 Holiday Jeer Google's Pay-to-Fleece Game
11/21/2013 Thanks... Giving: 2013's Hunger Strike Round-Up
11/14/2013 'Unsafe at Any Speed'
11/7/2013 If Rand Paul Were a Woman
10/31/2013 Iraq Makes Request for Weapons
10/24/2013 Read More Than This Headline
10/17/2013 How a Law Becomes a Bill: Tea Party Civics
10/10/2013 The Heritage Foundation: The Group Who Cried Individual Mandate
10/3/2013 Obamacare and My Family
9/26/2013 Paid Journalists Pay Off
9/19/2013 Congresspeople Unwilling to Work, Shall Not Eat!
9/12/2013 Mistaken Identity Politics
8/22/2013 The Creationist with an iPhone Paradox
8/15/2013 Five Things Republicans Have Repealed
8/1/2013 For Shame for Poor-Shaming
7/25/2013 Fix Congress: Overturn Vieth v Jubelirer!
7/18/2013 How to Seem Racist: A Guide
7/11/2013 Solitary Confinement and American Acceptionalism
7/4/2013 Southern Fried Christian Sharia
6/27/2013 #StandWithNancy
6/20/2013 Elders v Burgess
6/13/2013 Freedom of Too Much Information
5/30/2013 Bachmann's Retirement Delivers a Death Blow to the 1850s
5/23/2013 Apple Could Pay For Moore
5/16/2013 The Right Wing Outrage Industrial Complex's Complicated Week
5/9/2013 Donald Trump: The Rape Apologist
5/2/2013 More Guns, More Gun Profits, More Gun Deaths
4/25/2013 The Boston Bombers and the Theory of Relative Laziness
4/18/2013 Illegal Abortion and 'The Way of the World'
4/11/2013 Save Our Schools From Creationism
4/4/2013 The New Gays
3/28/2013 Rites Versus Rights
3/21/2013 Why Isn't There a War on Easter?
3/14/2013 A Conspiracy Fact
3/7/2013 The Dudes Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks
2/28/2013 Congress Has Munchausen by Proxy
2/7/2013 Welcome to the Golden Age of Arms Dealing
1/31/2013 Dear GOP, Cubans Are Not Mexican
1/24/2013 The Truth is You're Still a Jerk Lance
1/17/2013 A Sea Change in the Firearms Debate
1/10/2013 Left and Right are Not Opposite Equals
1/3/2013 The Assault Weapons Ban is a Red Herring
12/13/2012 Gays, In Fact, Saved Marriage
12/7/2012 2012's Naughty or Nice List
11/29/2012 Republican Women: Seen But Not Chairmen
11/23/2012 It's Time to Upgrade Our Presidential Elections
11/15/2012 Reclaim Obamacare, Republicans!
11/1/2012 Terrorism is a Distraction From a Larger Threat
10/25/2012 Romney v. Romney
10/18/2012 Why I'm Against Exceptions for Rape and Incest
10/10/2012 Here's The Poll to Dispute
10/4/2012 Beyond Broken: Congress is Morally Bankrupt
9/27/2012 The Kitchen Debate Revisited
9/20/2012 We Are All 'Dependent on Government'
9/6/2012 A Review of Dueling Conventions
8/30/2012 Trickle Down Economics is a Pyramid Scheme
8/23/2012 The Tale of Two Political Tales
8/16/2012 Stop Comparing Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin
8/9/2012 The GOP Wants Fewer People to Vote for Them
8/2/2012 I Owe Mitt an Apology
7/26/2012 'Always the Opposite of Obama' is a Tricky Platform
7/19/2012 Olympians Represent The Best of Our Team Efforts
7/12/2012 Expanding Waistlines: Shrinking Sodas is a Start
7/5/2012 Predictable Outrage over Health Care Ruling
6/28/2012 Republicans Boldly Offering Solutions to Our Nation's Symptoms
6/21/2012 Relax 'Mitt', Just Be Yourself
5/29/2012 Corporate Raider is Not a Good Model for Public Service
5/22/2012 Trust Me: You Believe in Gun Control
5/15/2012 Gay Marriage: The Republican Love Affair With the Past
4/17/2012 The Paradox of Mobility in America
4/10/2012 Why Republicans Need a War on Religion
4/3/2012 Socialism: A GOP Plan Signed by Obama
3/27/2012 Let Political Ads Go The Way of Cigarette Commercials
3/20/2012 Purpose Driven Lies and Gender Equality
3/13/2012 How The South Can Rise Again: Immigrants
3/6/2012 In Health Care - Affordability is Accessibility
2/28/2012 GOP 2012: The Pro-Fiction Campaign
2/21/2012 Give Karen Santorum Credit for Co-Writing Her Husband's Book
2/14/2012 Republicans: The Severe Conservatives
2/7/2012 'The Market' Has Chosen the Winner of the Culture Wars
1/31/2012 The GOP: Preaching the Prosperity Gospel
1/24/2012 Awkward Family Photos: Mitt Laundry
1/17/2012 The Case for Cutting and Running
1/10/2012 The GOP's Long, Sad March to the Inevitable Nominee
1/3/2012 Despise Congress? We Are The 95 Percent!
12/27/2011 Republicans Have a Gambling Problem
12/13/2011 Confessions of a Child Janitor
12/6/2011 GOP Occupied with Amending the Constitution
11/29/2011 Your Local Broadcast News is Making Us Stupid
11/15/2011 GOP Debates: Shock and Aww Two More This Week!?
11/8/2011 Congress: Still Working Hard at Being Ineffective Useless Seat-Warmers
11/1/2011 The Troops and Occupy Wall Street
10/25/2011 Americans See Themselves as Homesteaders... Not the Eventual Rich
10/18/2011 Hope for Bankaneers: We Do Like Pirate Movies
10/11/2011 Willful Deafness When it Comes to Occupy Wall Street
10/4/2011 The American Autumn: Children of the Lost Decade Revolt
9/27/2011 Media Distortion: Newspapers Rarely Mention Suicides
9/20/2011 Why the Middle Class Fears Tax Increases on the Rich
9/13/2011 Republicans Are Not Anti-Science - They're Just Pro-Politics
9/6/2011 Obama is the Best Republican President Since Lincoln
8/30/2011 The Case for Separation of Church and Weather
8/16/2011 Forget Rick Perry - Mitt Romney is Perfect for the GOP
8/9/2011 If the Tea Party Were Liberal
8/2/2011 Politics, Reality Show Style
7/26/2011 Vaccinations and the Ice Cream Scare
7/19/2011 The GOP's Cynical Bluff
7/12/2011 Choosing Homosexuality
7/5/2011 The 112th Congress and a Lot of Nothing
6/28/2011 Taxpayers Should Stop Subsidizing Wal-Mart
6/21/2011 You're Not Supposed to Be Happy
6/14/2011 We Get the Media We Want
6/7/2011 The Case for Actual Death Panels
5/31/2011 The Rich Don’t Create Jobs – We Do
5/24/2011 Regardless of ‘Belief,’ Climate Change is Real
5/17/2011 GOP on Heath Care: Twist and Shout
5/11/2011 If Lobbyists Hate It…
5/3/2011 Trump and the Joke Made ‘Round the World
4/19/2011 Tax War!
4/12/2011 Loud, Bold and Wrong
4/5/2011 If the First Amendment Had to Be Ratified Today...
3/29/2011 Tax Reform: Close the Bank of America-Size Loop Hole
3/22/2011 Don’t Use The ‘Free Market’ As An Excuse
3/15/2011 Wisconsin Going Forward
3/8/2011 Jury Service: Business Casual for Blind Justice
3/1/2011 It’s Time for a Pro-Quality-of-Life Movement
2/22/2011 This is What a Populist Movement Looks Like
2/15/2011 Why Republicans Should Support Planned Parenthood
2/8/2011 Obama Policies Ensure the GOP Never Has to Defend Bush
2/1/2011 Christianity Has Evolved…Too
1/25/2011 Government Workers are the New Illegal Aliens?
1/18/2011 Has The American Dream Drifted North?
1/9/2011 Hey Sarah, At Least Stand By Your Free Speech
1/4/2011 Arctic Turkey: My New Year’s Resolution
12/28/2010 Satire is Very Serious
12/21/2010 We Are Not Scrooges!
12/14/2010 Freedom of Deplorable Speech
12/7/2010 Out of Ideas Call for a ‘Simple Solution’
11/30/2010 Sarah Palin America’s Full-Time Professional Duelist
11/23/2010 Side Dish of Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation
11/16/2010 It’s Only Unethical When It’s Called ‘News’
11/9/2010 Attention Congress Fix the Potholes
11/3/2010 The Mainstream Media is a Myth
10/26/2010 Midterm Choice Profiteers or Bureaucrats
10/19/2010 The Incredible Shrinking Women
10/12/2010 The Full Gingrich
10/5/2010 Birtherism: When No Evidence Will Do
9/28/2010 The Moderates’ Lament
9/21/2010 Breaking the Eleventh Commandment
9/14/2010 The Enthusiasm Gap He’s Just a President
9/8/2010 Net Neutrality: A Crucial Issue With a Lame Name
8/31/2010 A Burning Question Extremists on 9/11
8/24/2010 Let Our Fear Be More Accurate
8/17/2010 Living in a ‘Post-Racist’ Society
8/10/2010 GOP Bring Back ‘Corruption of Blood’
8/3/2010 Stop Calling Republicans ‘Hypocrites’
7/27/2010 The Center-Not-Right
7/20/2010 Of Junk Food and Junk News
7/13/2010 The Only Group in History to Request to be Taxed More
7/6/2010 In the Past Decade Extreme Weather Deaths Outnumbered War Casualties
6/29/2010 Look at Our Yellow Ribbons
6/22/2010 Exploit This Tragedy
6/15/2010 Feminism in the Wake of Ladies’ Night is Complicated
6/8/2010 EM Forster and Facebook
6/1/2010 While the Oil Gushes
5/25/2010 Not One of the Ten Commandments Are in the Constitution
5/18/2010 For Capitalists Obesity is a Sign of Marketing Success
5/11/2010 Defense Secretary Wants Defense Spending Cuts… Really
5/4/2010 The Birthers Ruined Schwarzenegger’s White House Chance
4/27/2010 A Love Letter to Arizona Your Appointed Governor is a Coward
4/20/2010 Cola Wars and the Campaign to Sell Wall Street Status Quo
4/13/2010 2010 The Year of Conservatives Roaring 20s
4/7/2010 Trust in the GOPs Dearth of Experience
3/25/2010 Tea Parties Mark a Milestone in Civil Rights
3/16/2010 Eric Massa is Taking Back the Spotlight from the Starlets
3/9/2010 Stop Trying to Save the Planet
3/3/2010 Freedom and Faux Populism
2/23/2010 Drug Stores are Totally Unethical
2/16/2010 Sarah Palin - The Symbol of Cynicism
2/9/2010 Privatized Bureaucracy is Still Bureaucracy
2/3/2010 Obama The Flame War President

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