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2/25/2016 Who on Earth Would Ever Agree to Be Trump's Veep?
2/17/2016 Redefining 'Moderate' in Era of Trump and Cruz
12/10/2015 Party of Reagan Now the Party of Trump
12/4/2015 Guns Don't Kill People, Complacent Liberals Do
11/19/2015 Time For Obama to Back Ted Cruz?
11/12/2015 Predatory Payday Lenders Hoping for a Grand Old Party
11/6/2015 I'm With Stupid: The Rise of Ben Carson
10/29/2015 GOP's Serious Alternatives Have Serious Problems of Their Own
10/21/2015 Corporate Vultures Circling State Unclaimed Property Laws
10/17/2012 Message In A Bottle: Romney's Presidency Two Years In
10/3/2012 The Gay Soccer Dad and Lesbian Costco Mom Vote
9/26/2012 Presidential Debates Should Probe Romney's Economic Insanity
9/12/2012 Mitt Romney's October Surprise Arrives Early
8/29/2012 The 'Excitement' of Romney in Tampa
8/22/2012 Mitt Romney and the Temple of Womb
8/13/2012 Ryan's 'Youthful Vigor' Won't Slow GOP's Demo Death March
1/11/2012 What Happens when the GOP is Left with Only Romney?
12/14/2011 The Twelve Republican Days of Christmas
11/30/2011 Meet Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Running Mate
11/9/2011 Reality Check: Republican Losers Did Not Overreach
11/3/2011 Less Vetting Than the Average Godfather's Pizza Delivery Boy
10/26/2011 GOP Blinded by Anti-Tax Madness this Halloween
10/19/2011 Dear Republican Also-Rans
10/12/2011 The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly Because of Gays
10/5/2011 Republicans Infected by 'Constitutional Conservative' Virus
9/27/2011 Tea Partiers Should Seriously Consider Holding Their Applause
9/20/2011 Republican Class Genocide
9/14/2011 How Republicans Crippled the United States Postal Service
9/7/2011 Reagan Would Not Be Invited to the GOP Tea Party
8/31/2011 Republican Party a Disaster when It Comes to Disasters
8/24/2011 Bachmann's Silence and the Waterloo Murder of a Gay Teen
8/17/2011 Fringe Iowa Straw Pollers Sure Know How to Pick a Winner
8/10/2011 GOP Hits Perry Wrinkle in Quest for White House
8/3/2011 How the GOP is Fast Becoming the Poll Taxing Party of Jim Crow
7/28/2011 Norway and the Stateside Islamophobia of Fox News
7/20/2011 The Hardly Humble Hackery of Rupert Murdoch
7/13/2011 Deadbeat Congressional Republicans Manufactured Our Default Crisis
7/6/2011 For Romney, Slow and Steady Wins the Zzz...
7/1/2011 GOPride and Prejudice
1/11/2011 Arizona Aftermath: Real Second Amendment Remedies
12/8/2010 Happy Holidays from the Ho Ho Hopelessly Anti-Science GOP
12/1/2010 They Were Asked and They Told, But Will McCain Listen?
11/24/2010 How does Congressman Glenn Beck sound
11/4/2010 Fox News Wins 2010 Election
10/27/2010 A Republican Majority would be all Trick and No Treat
10/6/2010 Chamber Campaign Stash Awash in Foreign Cash
9/29/2010 Diluting The Tea Party Gene Pool
9/22/2010 Republicans Do Not Support Our Troops
9/15/2010 The Cowardice of Sarah Palin
9/8/2010 We donít need no (for-profit) education

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