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5/12/2021 Ever Have A Near-Death Experience?
5/5/2021 Are You Still Procrastinating About Your Tax Return?
4/28/2021 How About Celebrating History's Unsung Mothers?
4/21/2021 Is There a Future For Wit?
4/14/2021 Can We Possibly Laugh About Seasonal Allergies?
4/7/2021 Can We Please Retire the Word Debunked?
3/31/2021 May I Sing the Housing Subdivision Blues?
3/24/2021 Can You Handle the Truth about Easter Trivia?
3/17/2021 Aggravation: Is It A Board Game or a Way of Life?
3/10/2021 Do You Find Saint Patrick's Day Troubling?
3/3/2021 Have You Remembered Your Pets in Your Will?
2/24/2021 Product Recall Notices: Friend or Foe?
2/17/2021 What Shall We Say About Grandmothers?
2/10/2021 What Will Presidents' Day Be Like In 50 Years?
2/3/2021 Valentine Dilemma: "Baby," You're Not the Greatest!
1/27/2021 Are You and Your Middle Name on Speaking Terms?
1/20/2021 Ever Sing the College Brochure Blues?
1/13/2021 Have You Ever Met A Stranger?
1/6/2021 Remember Learning to Drive?
12/30/2020 Don't Be A Meathead! Celebrate Archie Bunker's 50th Anniversary!
12/23/2020 Is Profanity in the Ear of the Beholder?
12/16/2020 Can We Please Have the Right Kind of Christmas Sounds?
12/9/2020 What Are You Doing for Beethoven's 250th Birthday?
12/2/2020 Can You Guess Santa's Biggest Regrets?
11/25/2020 Can You Believe the EPA Is 50?
11/19/2020 What Does the Future Hold for Church Attendance?
11/11/2020 Ready for Tyree To Carve the Thanksgiving Trivia?
11/4/2020 Have You Mailed Your Veterans Day Cards Yet?
10/28/2020 Commercial Radio Turns 100: What Are Your Favorite Memories?
10/21/2020 Do You Have Unanswered Questions About Halloween?
10/14/2020 What Shall We Say About 50 Years of Home Ownership?
10/7/2020 Do You Dread Opening Your Car Trunk?
9/30/2020 So This Is John Lennon's 80th Birthday (And What Have You Done?)
9/23/2020 Are College Entrance Exams A Dying Breed?
9/16/2020 Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family At 50
9/9/2020 Who Can Turn the World on With Her Anniversary?
9/2/2020 Inspirational Quotes: Are You For Them or Against Them?
8/26/2020 Will You Be Laboring on Labor Day?
8/19/2020 Have Lawyers Become an Endangered Species?
8/12/2020 Ray Bradbury: Something Centenary This Way Comes
8/5/2020 Is The 75th Anniversary of V-J Day the Last Hurrah?
7/29/2020 Are Vertical Farms on the Up and Up?
7/22/2020 Must We Live with One Foot in the Grave?
7/15/2020 Do You Have A Favorite Heat Wave Story?
7/8/2020 Are You Fed Up with Anonymous Sources, Too?
7/1/2020 Consumers, Do We Really Need All Those Choices?
6/24/2020 Where Does Your State Rank on The Patriotism Scale?
6/17/2020 Do You Treasure Your Prom Memories?
6/10/2020 Can We Discontinue the 'World's Greatest Dad' Scam?
6/3/2020 Have Nature's Screechers Ever Invaded Your Home?
5/27/2020 Which Songs Make You Cry?
5/20/2020 Do You Treat Retail Clerks Like Human Beings?
5/13/2020 Are You A Terrible Conversationalist?
5/6/2020 Are You Ready for the Murder Hornets?
4/29/2020 Tyree Turns 60: Is That A Good Thing?
4/22/2020 How Will You Mark the 75th Anniversary of Hitler's Death?
4/15/2020 Who Is the Most Famous Person You've Ever Met?
4/8/2020 Can We Please Have A Few TV Westerns, Pardner?
4/1/2020 What Will Easter 2021 Be Like?
3/25/2020 Are We Suffering from Magazine Overload?
3/18/2020 Do You Support the 'Virginity Rocks' Movement?
3/11/2020 Do You Dare Take the Goodness Challenge?
3/4/2020 Can Our Rural Roads Be Saved?
2/26/2020 Did Someone Say Colonoscopy?
2/19/2020 So Have You Made Out Your Last Will and Testament?
2/12/2020 Can We Please Have More Middlebrow Citizens?
2/5/2020 Do Greeting Cards Face a St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
1/29/2020 Does Your Family Include a Speed Demon?
1/22/2020 Should Older People Be Banned from Church?
1/15/2020 Wine Sales Decline: A Fluke or the Future?
1/8/2020 How Will You Commemorate the ACLU's 100th Birthday?
1/6/2020 The Game's Afoot: Sherlock Holmes Forever
12/30/2019 Can You Possibly Meet Your Savings Goals In 2020?
12/23/2019 Have You Lived - Really Lived - the 2010s?
12/18/2019 Are You Tired of Updating Your Apps?
12/11/2019 Am I Finally Appreciating the Lessons of Christmas 1969?
12/4/2019 Read Any Good Books by Dogs Lately?
11/27/2019 Should We Even Celebrate Frosty's 50th Anniversary
11/20/2019 Are You Thankful for Any of These Things?
11/13/2019 Has It Been A Good Year for Your Family's Teeth?
11/6/2019 Is A Five-Hour Workday in Your Future?
10/9/2019 Commuters Are You Driving Your Lives Away?
10/2/2019 Tired of Hollywood Keeping You in The Dark?
9/25/2019 Do You Aspire to Be A Fly on the Wall?
9/18/2019 Much More Than A Hunch: The Big Five-Oh for the Brady Bunch
9/11/2019 Is Teenage Dating Overrated?
9/4/2019 Can Scooby-Doo Really Be 50 Years Old?
8/28/2019 Are You Under the Sway of Kid Influencers?
8/21/2019 Is It Too Late to Get Hooked on Fishing?
8/14/2019 Dying Languages: Can They Be Saved?
8/7/2019 Woodstock at 50: What Might Have Been
7/31/2019 Rapunzel vs Frankenstein: Yes, That's A Thing
7/24/2019 Dollar Stores: Do You Know the Tricks of Shopping There?
7/17/2019 Alzheimer's Advice: Heed It or Fuhgeddaboudit?
7/10/2019 Apollo 11 Golden Anniversary: Something for Everyone
7/3/2019 Slow Drivers: Are They Driving You Insane?
6/26/2019 Feline-Friendly Hotels: Catastrophe or Cat's Meow?
6/19/2019 More Thoughts That Should Keep You Awake at Night
6/12/2019 Do You Live In One of the Fun States?
6/5/2019 The Year Without A Father's Day
5/29/2019 Are Four-Day School Weeks the Wave of the Future?
5/22/2019 How Will Your Family Mark D-Day's 75th Anniversary?
5/15/2019 Getting Married to Yourself: That's A Thing, Y'all
5/8/2019 Is A Robot Preparing Your Pink Slip?
5/1/2019 Mother's Day in The Time of Toxic Masculinity
4/24/2019 Do We Need More (Intentional) Comedians in Public Office?
4/17/2019 Have You Hugged A Volunteer Firefighter Today?
4/10/2019 Would You Like to Get More Out of Easter?
4/3/2019 Should Activists Put A Stop to Child Brides?
3/27/2019 Men's Suits: Are They on The Endangered List?
3/20/2019 Thoughts That Should Keep You Awake at Night
3/13/2019 Are You Ready for A Cashless Society?
3/6/2019 Intuitive Eating: Eat Your Heart Out, Diet Industry!
2/27/2019 Do You Deserve the Right to Repair Your Electronics?
2/20/2019 Are You Dying to Know Tomorrow's Mood Today?
2/13/2019 Are You Suffering from Awards Fatigue?
2/6/2019 Questions Nobody Wants To Hear On Valentine's Day
1/30/2019 Do You Hate Night Driving, Too?
1/23/2019 Starred In Any Porn Videos Lately? Are You Sure?
1/16/2019 Do You Have Amazing Animal Journeys To Share?
1/9/2019 Prohibition: The Countdown To 100 Years
1/2/2019 Stop Me Before I Demolish A Credit Card Machine
12/26/2018 Celebrities We'll Lose In 2019
12/19/2018 News Flash: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from The Tyree
12/12/2018 Apollo 8, Christmas Eve 1968 and a Message for Today
12/5/2018 Tuna: A Bright Future or 'Sorry, Charlie'?
11/28/2018 Christmas Gifts For Bosses: Let The Stress Begin!
11/21/2018 Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?
11/15/2018 Beating The Stuffing Out Of Thanksgiving
11/14/2018 Stan Lee's Message Lives On
11/7/2018 What If Comic Strip Characters Aged Normally?
11/5/2018 Veterans Day: Is It Enough?
10/31/2018 Can You Survive Another 20 Years of This?
10/24/2018 Space Force: Boon or Boondoggle?
10/17/2018 Do You Have An Irrational Fear of Halloween?
10/10/2018 Church 'Ladies Day' Now Needed More Than Ever
10/3/2018 Parents, Do You Know Where Your Love Letters Are?
9/26/2018 Antibiotics Versus Appendectomies
9/19/2018 Ready To Visit A Rage Room?
9/12/2018 Do You Hate Shaving?
9/5/2018 Mork, Taxi, WKRP: Happy 40th Anniversaries!
8/29/2018 Teens, Would It Kill You To Open A Book?
8/22/2018 Would You Move For A Better Job? Really?
8/15/2018 Middle America, Are You Ready For Your Face Tattoos?
8/8/2018 Can The Beer Industry Still Brew Up A Comeback?
8/1/2018 Will You Survive National Garage Sale Day?
7/25/2018 Naked Vacations: Yes, That's A Thing
7/18/2018 'Body Language Experts': Do They Do A Body Good?
7/11/2018 You Might Be An Irresponsible Pet Owner If...
7/5/2018 Have You Made These Blunders On A First Date?
6/27/2018 Self-Service: Where Does It Go From Here?
6/20/2018 Backyard Fireworks With Hardly Any Supervision
6/13/2018 Should College Freshmen Pick Their Own Roommates?
6/6/2018 'Grease' Turns 40! Peachy Keen, Jellybean!
5/30/2018 Downsizing: 20 Mirthful Years
5/23/2018 Vacationers Of A Certain Age
5/16/2018 Are You Suffering From Funeral Fatigue?
5/9/2018 Is Your Town Bribing New Residents?
5/8/2018 Mother's Day: The Untold Story
5/2/2018 The Royal Wedding: Something For Everyone
4/25/2018 Can You Survive Without Reading These 21 Books?
4/18/2018 Should We Lower The Voting Age To 16?
4/11/2018 Can Your Family Handle A Day Without Complaints?
4/4/2018 Help! We Need These Apps For Spring!
3/28/2018 MLK's Legacy: The Next 50 Years
3/21/2018 Your Easter Assignment: Study to Show Thyself Approved
3/14/2018 Are Supermarkets Becoming the Center of Your Life?
3/7/2018 Plastic Packaging: Is This the Beginning of the End?
2/28/2018 America's Farmers Work Doubly Hard For The Money
2/21/2018 Are You Excited About Rock 'n' Roll Farewell Tours?
2/14/2018 Are Your Old Photos a Ticking Time Bomb?
2/7/2018 Is Your House A Home Yet?
1/31/2018 Will Male Infertility Doom Mankind?
1/24/2018 Stop Misrepresenting the Statue of Liberty!
1/17/2018 Raw Water: Threat Or Menace?
1/10/2018 Sock It To Me: 'Laugh-In' Turns 50
1/3/2018 It's Winter! Get With The Program!
12/27/2017 My War On Shoelaces Marches Into 2018
12/20/2017 Did The Pentagon Act Alone In Employing UFO Hunters?
12/13/2017 Remember Nursing Home Patients At Christmas
12/6/2017 Hottest Baby Names of 2018? Don't Know, Don't Care
11/29/2017 Still Paying For Christmas 2016? Atta Boy, Clarence!
11/15/2017 The NHL Turns 100: What Lies Ahead?
11/8/2017 Thanksgiving: Have You Already Missed It?
11/1/2017 'Casablanca' Turns 75: We'll Always Have Parodists
10/25/2017 Will Your Job Be Extinct by 2030?
10/18/2017 Is 'Trunk or Treat'¯ A Halloween Heresy?
10/11/2017 The Protestant Reformation: 500 Fun-Filled Years
10/4/2017 Darius Rucker, New Experiences And You
9/27/2017 Save Your Back, While There Is Still Time!
9/20/2017 They Grow Up So Quickly - Or Do They???
9/13/2017 Gay or Straight? The Computer (Thinks It) Knows!
9/6/2017 Network TV: Does It Deserve To Live?
8/30/2017 Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses Yearning To Play Lottery
8/23/2017 Labor Day 2037: Expect The Unexpected
8/16/2017 Remembering The King of the Comic Books
8/9/2017 The Total Solar Eclipse: One Curmudgeon's Opinion
8/2/2017 Elvis: Has He Really Been Gone 40 Years?
7/26/2017 Who Knew Dogs Could Keep You So Healthy?
7/19/2017 Parking Is Such Sweet Sorrow
7/12/2017 Jury Duty: Honor Or Agony?
7/5/2017 Happy 200th Birthday, Henry David Thoreau
6/28/2017 Low-Impact Dirt Naps: Are They Right For You?
6/21/2017 Mr Tyree Doesn't Go To Washington
6/14/2017 What Boob Thought Up This Fashion Trend?
6/7/2017 Daddy, Don't You Evolve So Fast
5/31/2017 How Much Do You Hate Property Taxes?
5/24/2017 1967's 'Summer of Love': Did It Earn The Title?
5/17/2017 Star Wars Turns 40: Nostalgia And Worries
5/10/2017 Bike Stunts: Are They Safe For Your Teen?
5/3/2017 Bold Predictions For Mother's Day 2037
4/26/2017 It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's An SUV!
4/19/2017 Have You Talked To Your Children About Marijuana?
4/12/2017 Stress Awareness Month: Can We Survive It?
4/5/2017 Reflections On My Mother's 90th Birthday
3/29/2017 Sears, Kmart, Malls: My New Worry List
3/22/2017 Happy 75th Birthday To Capitol Records!
3/15/2017 Will The Nation's Truckers Be Replaced By Robots?
3/8/2017 Let's Applaud History's Greatest Teenagers
3/1/2017 Senior Discounts: Boon Or Menace?
2/22/2017 Do Obituaries Really Have To Be Polite?
2/15/2017 Are School Newspapers Hanging By A Thread?
2/8/2017 Presidents' Day: Untold Stories Abound
2/1/2017 30 Valentine's Days: Where Did The Time Go
1/25/2017 Should Silencers Be Easy To Obtain?
1/18/2017 Tyree Blows His Top Over Ringling Bros.
1/11/2017 Save Our School Talent Shows
1/4/2017 Bothering Employees After Work Hours
12/28/2016 New Year's Resolutions Have A Tragic History
12/21/2016 Would You Like To Keep Talking After Death?
12/14/2016 Embrace Those Tidings Of Comfort and Joy
12/7/2016 The Grinch Turns 50!
11/30/2016 Pearl Harbor: The 75th Anniversary
11/23/2016 Tyree Demolishes The 25 Greatest Inventions of 2016
11/16/2016 Will The Election Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
11/9/2016 Mandatory Adult Education: Is That Our Future?
11/2/2016 Puberty, Abstinence Talks And Other Gray-Hair Producers
10/26/2016 Will The 50th Annual CMA Awards Be Politicized?
10/19/2016 The Great Pumpkin Celebrates 50 Sincere Years
10/12/2016 Near And Deer: Watch Out For Collisions!
10/5/2016 The Historic Preservation Act: 50 Fun Years
9/28/2016 National Newspaper Week: This Time It's Personal
9/21/2016 Parenting With Precision: Are We There Yet?
9/14/2016 Are You Dying To Write A Goodbye Letter?
9/7/2016 Alumni Football: There Is No Spry In 'Team'
8/31/2016 Hey, Hey It's The Monkees' Golden Anniversary
8/24/2016 Star Trek Turns 50
8/17/2016 Another Confederate Symbol Bites The Dust
8/10/2016 This Column May Be Monitored For Quality Assurance
8/3/2016 Have You Thanked Your Physical Therapist Today?
7/27/2016 World's Final VCR Produced
7/20/2016 Vacation 2016: The Tyrees Do Dollywood
7/13/2016 Rest In Peace, King of the Hobby Magazines
7/6/2016 Recreational Walking: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
6/29/2016 U.S. Bicentennial Turns 40!
6/22/2016 Best And Worst States For Children Revealed
6/15/2016 Will Hollywood Officially Switch To Artificial Intelligence?
6/8/2016 Father's Day: Things Your Dad Never Told You
6/1/2016 Married 25 Years - And Loving It
5/25/2016 High-Tech Profiling Has Your Number
5/18/2016 Would President Hillary Clinton Spill Area 51 Secrets?
5/11/2016 Should Corporations Sponsor National Parks?
5/4/2016 Decoration Day: Yes That's Still A Thing
4/27/2016 Honoring History's Greatest Moms: The Third Attempt
4/20/2016 How Long Before We Start Taxing Churches?
4/13/2016 Shakespeare's Death: The 400th Anniversary
4/6/2016 Animal Lovers: The ASPCA Turns 150!
3/30/2016 Would You Hire Someone To Break Up With Your Lover?
3/23/2016 Sobering Study: Is Moderate Drinking Overrated?
3/16/2016 Easter: The Next Generation
3/9/2016 Are Expired Foods Your Future Diet?
3/2/2016 Tornado Research Isn't Just Whistling Dixie
2/24/2016 Parents, Learn That Teen Slang - If You Dare
2/17/2016 Fantasy Novels: Proceed With Caution
2/10/2016 Get Enough Sleep - Or Else
2/3/2016 Will We Recognize The Sports World In 25 Years?
1/27/2016 Politicians' Candid Thoughts on Black History Month
1/20/2016 Fear-Free Veterinary Clinics: Barking Up The Right Tree?
1/13/2016 Needed: Songs That Age With The Listener
1/6/2016 Oregon Civil Disobedience: Will It Spread Nationwide?
12/30/2015 The Top Stories of 2016: You Saw Them Here First
12/23/2015 Does Anyone Else Hate Doing Inventory?
12/16/2015 Christmas 2016: The Planning Begins Here
12/9/2015 Star Wars Part VII: The Farce Awakens
12/5/2015 Lennon Fans: 35 Years Later, We All Shine On
12/2/2015 Save Our High School Referees
11/25/2015 Good Grief! A Charlie Brown Christmas Turns 50
11/18/2015 America's Grand Ole Opry Turns 90
11/11/2015 In The Market To Rent A Mom?
11/4/2015 Our Nation's Veterans: Why They're Special
10/28/2015 Is This The Secret To A Happy Marriage?
10/21/2015 Can The Experts Rescue Halloween?
10/14/2015 Everyone Should Help With Teen Read Week
10/7/2015 My Dog Ate My Blueprints
9/30/2015 Where Is Queen Esther When We Need Her?
9/23/2015 Are You Kicking Yourself For Ignoring Footgolf?
9/16/2015 Boy, I Miss the TV Class of 1965
9/9/2015 Oldest Galaxy Discovered: Why It Matters
9/2/2015 Is Your Church Approaching a Milestone?
8/26/2015 Labor Day: 12 Random Thoughts
8/19/2015 Is Mankind Really Ready For Super Hearing?
8/12/2015 Should Men Wear Shorts In The Office?
8/4/2015 70 Years of Perspective on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
7/29/2015 Has Your Car Been Cyber-Attacked Yet?
7/22/2015 Are Adult Coloring Books Right For You?
7/14/2015 Atticus Finch Jumps The Shark???
7/7/2015 Vacation Bible School: The Untold Story
7/1/2015 Cosmetic Procedures: Are You The Holdout?
6/24/2015 Personality Tests: Jobseekers Beware!
6/17/2015 The Tyrees Do Disney World!
6/9/2015 Father's Day: 14 Random Thoughts
6/3/2015 Magna Carta: The 800th Anniversary
5/27/2015 Singing Those Graduation Blues
5/20/2015 13 Things Reader's Digest Won't Tell You
5/13/2015 Amish Romance Novels: Is That Even A Thing?
5/6/2015 Coming Soon: Letters To The Gene Editor?
4/29/2015 Mother's Day: Unsung Heroines Get The Spotlight
4/22/2015 Are You Ready For A Diet Of Insects?
4/15/2015 Mind Your Own Biscuits -- Up To A Point
4/8/2015 The Looming Water Crisis: Cry Me A River (Please!)
4/1/2015 The End of the Civil War: The 150th Anniversary
3/25/2015 It's Not A War On Easter, But...
3/18/2015 Narcissistic Children: Can They Be Stopped?
3/11/2015 Should Nonprofits Be Taxed?
3/4/2015 US Combat Forces In Vietnam: The Fiftieth Anniversary
2/25/2015 The Sound Of Music Turns 50
2/18/2015 Are You Dying To Write Your Own Obituary?
2/11/2015 Sports Illustrated's Pluz-Size Controversy
2/6/2015 Edwin Lewis Tyree: The Untold Story
2/4/2015 Valentine's Day: No 'Tipping'¯ Allowed
1/28/2015 Technology Vs Privacy: Is Your Home No Longer Your Castle?
1/21/2015 Protest Songs: Where Has All The Common Sense Gone?
1/14/2015 Would You Pay $80 An Hour For Hugs?
1/7/2015 Medical Insurance Deductibles: Threat Or Menace?
12/31/2014 The Battle of New Orleans: The Bicentennial
12/24/2014 2015 Some Near-Sure Bets For The New Year
12/17/2014 Empty Seats At The Christmas Table
12/10/2014 Christmas Parades: Let The Fighting Begin
12/3/2014 Gone With The Wind Turns 75
11/26/2014 Let's Get Serious About Product Recalls
11/19/2014 Thanksgiving 2034: Your Sneak Peek
11/12/2014 Net Neutrality, Pet Neutrality, Whatever
11/5/2014 De-Cluttering Your House, And Other Subversive Acts
10/29/2014 Sharing The Pew With Little Green Men
10/22/2014 Halloween In The Time of Ebola
10/15/2014 Nylon Hose: Celebrating A 75-Year ‘Run’
10/8/2014 Are You Giving Enough To Charity?
10/1/2014 Pet Hospices: Teaching Old Owners New Tricks
9/24/2014 Fraternities Under Attack: I'm Not Pulling Your Keg
9/17/2014 Gilligan's Island Turns 50: A Shipwreck of A Column
9/10/2014 Will Telepathy Breakthrough Change The World?
9/3/2014 Carbon Pawprint: Should Pets Be Banned?
8/27/2014 Don't Take Truck Drivers For Granted
8/20/2014 WW II Turns 75: Things Your Historian Won't Tell You
8/13/2014 Rage, Rage Against The Editing of the Songs
8/6/2014 The Panama Canal Turns 100: A Family Affair
7/30/2014 The Wizard of Oz At 75: Memories And Might-Have-Beens
7/23/2014 Let's Not Pick A Dumbest President And Say We Did
7/16/2014 The First World War Turns 100: Time To Reflect
7/9/2014 Confidence In Government Sinks: Should We Care?
7/2/2014 Babe Ruth's MLB Centennial
6/25/2014 Family Friendly Workplaces: Careful What You Wish For
6/18/2014 ROTC Woes: Can The Enrollment Slide Be Reversed?
6/11/2014 Red Cross Swimming Lessons: Are You Drowning In Excuses
6/4/2014 Father's Day: Juicier Headlines Needed
5/28/2014 D-Day At 70: Some Nagging Questions
5/21/2014 Graduation Day: The Untold Story
5/14/2014 The 'Sharing Economy': Proceed With Caution
5/7/2014 Barbara Walters: Retiring But Not Shy
4/30/2014 Mother's Day: Here's Your Column
4/23/2014 Arlington National Cemetery: 150 Years of Service
4/16/2014 The Big Bang, The Multiverse And You
4/9/2014 Income Tax Procrastinators, Unite!
4/2/2014 I'm Batman - And I'm 75!
3/26/2014 A Sinking Feeling About Noah
3/19/2014 Beard Transplants: Yeah You Heard Me
3/12/2014 'Ban Bossy': Unintended Consequences
3/5/2014 A Letter To My Son: The Sequel
2/26/2014 'Son of God': Something For Everyone
2/19/2014 Soft Drinks: The Beginning of the End
2/12/2014 CrossFit: Working Out An Understanding
2/5/2014 Stress, Thy Name Is Valentine's Day
2/2/2014 A Tip of the Stove-Pipe Hat To Abe Lincoln
1/29/2014 Black History Month: Where Does It Go From Here
1/22/2014 The Beatles, Ed Sullivan : 50 Fab Years
1/15/2014 Winter Olympics: The Untold Story
1/8/2014 Almost Here: A Translator For Dogs!
12/31/2013 This Is 2014 - Whatever THAT Means
12/26/2013 Digital Textbooks: Are They Inevitable?
12/18/2013 Antimicrobial Soap: Friend Or Foe?
12/13/2013 Memories of My Son's First Christmas
12/11/2013 Will Eggs Become Obsolete
12/4/2013 Do Journalists Really Need Drones?
11/27/2013 Christmas Music: Best Left Undisturbed
11/22/2013 Thanksgiving Goes To The Dogs
11/20/2013 The Scarlet Hashtag: Adultery Goes High-Tech
11/14/2013 Doctor Who: A Fiftieth Anniversary Primer
11/13/2013 JFK : An Uncluttered Commemoration
11/6/2013 Psychics: Should They Be Banned?
11/1/2013 Veterans Day: Is Anybody Listening?
10/30/2013 While We're Waiting For That Baldness Cure...
10/23/2013 The Martians Were Coming, The Martians Were Coming
10/18/2013 The Boy Who Lives For Halloween
10/16/2013 Because I Could Not Stop For Minecraft...
10/9/2013 Adult Americans, Only You Can Prevent Dunce Caps
10/2/2013 Anybody Else Hate Bifocals?
9/27/2013 Recharges Good, Like a Cigarette Should
9/25/2013 Let's Address America's Wastewater Crisis
9/18/2013 Millionaires On A Food Stamp Diet?
9/11/2013 AM Radio: Can/Should It Be Saved?
9/5/2013 'Just Say Touche' Day: It's Almost Here
8/28/2013 Let's All Write America's Bucket List
8/21/2013 Are You Killing Yourself With Exercise?
8/14/2013 MLK's 'I Have A Dream' Speech Turns 50
8/7/2013 Childless Couples Do They Deserve To Live
7/31/2013 Are Pigs Smarter Than Dogs? And Should We Care?
7/24/2013 Your Car's Black Box: Friend Or Foe
7/17/2013 America, Let's Be #1 At Corruption
7/11/2013 Free College Tuition? Read The Fine Print
7/3/2013 Atheist Monuments: Taking Them Sitting Down
6/26/2013 Independence Day: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Typos
6/19/2013 Let's Have More Wrist Slap Punishments
6/12/2013 Toy Gun Buyback? Just Shoot Me
6/5/2013 Father's Day: Can It Survive
5/29/2013 Beware The Infrastructure, My Son
5/22/2013 Needed Federal Control of Garage Sales
5/15/2013 United Nations To U.S.: 'Eat A Bug'
5/8/2013 Armed Rebellion In America By 2018
5/1/2013 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Nation
4/26/2013 RIP George Jones
4/24/2013 Superman Turns 75: Did You Notice?
4/17/2013 Are You Part Of A Zero TV Household?
4/10/2013 Rest In Peace Roxanne Tyree (1995-2013)
4/3/2013 Victoria's Secret Age-Appropriate Fun And You
3/27/2013 Hey, Is That Butterfly Spying On You?
3/20/2013 Why Can't Every Day Be Like Easter?
3/13/2013 Needed: A Break From Pollsters
3/6/2013 Candy Capitulation: Say It Ain't So
2/27/2013 Internet Piracy: Is The Free Ride Over?
2/20/2013 Sherlock Holmes And My Personal Shame
2/13/2013 Voluntary Retirement: Can You Take A Hint
2/6/2013 So God Made A Farmer: The Sequel
1/30/2013 Smoking Penalties? What About Other Obamacare Surprises?
1/23/2013 Say 'Yabba Dabba Don't' To Neanderthal Clones
1/17/2013 Spelling Bees: They Need Your S-U-P-P-O-R-T
1/9/2013 Is It Time To Repeal Presidential Term Limits?
1/2/2013 Minimum Wage: The Wizard of Oz Approach
12/26/2012 School Condom Dispensers: Do They Pass The Test?
12/19/2012 2013 Resolution: Be A Responsible Pet Owner
12/12/2012 Christmas: Has It Really Changed Over The Years?
12/5/2012 The Mayan Calendar, The End Of The World And You
11/28/2012 Angus T Jones, Filth and Boundless Opportunities
11/20/2012 #GivingTuesday. November 27. Be There.
11/14/2012 Seceding From The Union 2012 Style
11/7/2012 The President Ate My Homework!
10/31/2012 At Last: Veterans Day Comes To TV
10/24/2012 A Snooze Alarm For The Female Biological Clock?
10/17/2012 Halloween Will Never Be The Same
10/10/2012 Protestant Decline: Forever Versus Whatever
10/3/2012 Needed A Moratorium On Punditry
9/26/2012 Columbus Day: Time To Abandon Ship?
9/19/2012 2030: Will Your State Be The Fattest?
9/12/2012 Texas Speed Limit: Cause For Envy Or Alarm?
9/5/2012 Medical Marijuana: Coming In The Fall Y'all?
8/29/2012 Are You Ready For Immortality?
8/22/2012 Conservatives, Let's Save PBS!
8/15/2012 Warning: Businesses Blowing Hot Air
8/9/2012 Needed: More Curiosity On Earth (Not Just Mars)
8/1/2012 Distracted Pedestrians: Can They Be Saved?
7/25/2012 Ending Politics As We Know It
7/18/2012 Coming Soon: A Shortage of Olympic Athletes?
7/12/2012 The Internet, Mental Illness And You
7/5/2012 Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids' (Sunscreen) Alone!
6/27/2012 Heads Up: Remember National "Pay Attention Day"
6/20/2012 Independence Day: It Gets Worse
6/13/2012 One Town's War On Profanity
6/7/2012 Father's Day: A Survival Guide
5/30/2012 Needed: Super-Heroes For The Rest Of Us
5/23/2012 Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream Director's Chair
5/16/2012 Sugar: Does It Make You Dumb?
5/9/2012 Should College Football Be Abolished?
5/2/2012 Mother's Day No Ifs Ands or Buts
4/25/2012 There's Gold In Them Thar Asteroids!
4/18/2012 Older Drivers: Should They Be Tested?
4/11/2012 Rethinking "Rethinking Heaven"
4/4/2012 A Naked Face In The Crowd
3/29/2012 Titanic: 100 Years And Still Fascinating
3/21/2012 Home Alone: The Trend, Not The Movie
3/14/2012 Doonesbury, Abortion And Stuff Like That
3/7/2012 Museum of Government Waste
2/29/2012 Girl Scouts USA: A 100th Birthday Salute
2/22/2012 Are You Ready For Test-Tube Meat?
2/15/2012 Should Students Be Paid To Attend School?
2/8/2012 The US Constitution: That's So 225 Years Ago!
2/1/2012 Coming Soon: Term Limits For Employees
1/25/2012 Mom, Dad: The "Choking Game"¯ Must Be Stopped
1/18/2012 Childhood Obesity, George Orwell And You
1/11/2012 USDA Cuts: Gentlemen Start Your Salmonella?
1/4/2012 NBC's Today Show Celebrating 60 Years
12/28/2011 Online Gambling: Don't Bet The Farmville
12/21/2011 Potential Alzheimer's Drug: The Dark Underbelly
12/14/2011 Merry Christmas: The Skirmish Dissected
12/7/2011 Postal Service: Cuts Return To Sender?
11/30/2011 Santa Claus: And That's The Truth
11/23/2011 Newt Gingrich Child Labor and You
11/16/2011 Beating The Stuffing Out Of Thanksgiving
11/9/2011 Lobbyists Boon or Menace?
11/2/2011 Veterans Day: Is It Enough?
10/26/2011 Secondhand Smoke, Meet Secondhand TV
10/19/2011 Celebrities : Their Childhood Halloween Antics
10/12/2011 Save Our College Radio Stations
10/5/2011 I Love Lucy Turns 60
9/28/2011 Build It And They Will Expectorate
9/21/2011 Restaurant Playgrounds :The Sordid Truth
9/14/2011 The Buck (Nakedness) Stops Here
9/7/2011 Should The Law Stand Up For Ugly People?
8/31/2011 September 11: A Lesson Worth Learning
8/24/2011 Labor Day: Can It Be Saved?
8/17/2011 Hey Lone Ranger: Don't Be A Stranger
8/10/2011 Back To School: Opportunities and Dangers
8/3/2011 Save Our Small Towns
7/27/2011 Dr Frankenstein, Your Zoo Is Ready
7/20/2011 Book Lover's Lament: Closing The Wrong Borders
7/13/2011 Captain America: Old Glory Or New Glory?
7/6/2011 Physician Pinch Thyself: Doctors And Long Hours
6/29/2011 Are You Revved Up For Driverless Cars?
6/22/2011 Pentagon Pipedream? Beating Swords Into Starships
6/15/2011 Should College Athletes Be Paid?
6/8/2011 Father’s Day: It’s Complicated
6/1/2011 Voter Woes: Plenty of Blame To Go Around
5/26/2011 The Unemployed: Kick 'Em While They're Down?
5/18/2011 Stephen Hawking Heaven-Sent For Satirists
5/12/2011 Ban Tanning for Teens
5/4/2011 Look Away! Columnist Decimates The Civil War
4/27/2011 Mother's Day A Closer Look
4/20/2011 Boys Will Be ... Something
4/13/2011 Easter : It's Later Than You Think
4/6/2011 Raining on Prom Night
3/30/2011 He Ain't Heavy He's My Tax Liability
3/23/2011 That Comic Book Cost How Much?
3/16/2011 Killing Me Softly With Your Kibble
3/9/2011 Saint Patrick's Day: Blarney and Friends
3/2/2011 March Madness Not a Slam Dunk?
2/23/2011 Fired Up About Lost Arts
2/16/2011 Those That Can't Evolve - Teach?
2/9/2011 Time To Stop Building Prisons?
2/2/2011 Valentine Trivia : The Untold Story
1/26/2011 Hey, Tiger Moms:Second Place Happens!
1/20/2011 Pachyderms Of A Certain Age
1/13/2011 Tucson Overreaction : Putting Wimpiness In The Crosshairs
1/4/2011 King James Bible at 400 : Having Archaic And Reading It, Too
12/28/2010 Save Our Science Fairs
12/22/2010 Baby Boom Turn 65
12/17/2010 The Ghost of Christmas Pageants Past

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