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5/11/2021 Is Chris Christie Pathetic, Shrewd, or Pathetically Shrewd?
5/6/2021 Laud Liz Cheney For Defending Truth, But Don't Forget Her Father's Lies
4/29/2021 Supreme Sleaze: Amy Coney Barrett's Corrupt Conflict of Interest
4/22/2021 Fake Vaccine Cards and the Cult of American Selfishness
4/14/2021 Some Evangelical Christians Have Forgotten Their Moral Duty
4/7/2021 So Now Republicans Hate Coke and Baseball
4/1/2021 This Time Infrastructure Week Is For Real
3/24/2021 White Republicans Who Oppose D.C. Statehood Are More Hilarious Than Ever
3/16/2021 Long Live Obamacare. Now It's NoMalarkeyCare.
3/12/2021 Biden is the Best Man for this Pivotal Moment
3/10/2021 Can We Please Not Talk Anymore About the Royals?
3/4/2021 Functionally Illiterate About Our Own Democracy
2/25/2021 Republicans Suddenly Clutching Their Pearls About Mean Tweets
2/18/2021 Limbaugh Was Trump Long Before We Got Trump
2/16/2021 Texas Needed Help From an 'Illegitimate' President
2/10/2021 Trump's Impeachment Lawyer Was Not Philly's finest
2/2/2021 Starved for Some Good News? Listen to the New Secretary of State.
1/27/2021 Show Me the Money: Put Tubman on the Twenty
1/20/2021 Goodbye MAGA, Hello MGWA (Make Government Work Again)
1/12/2021 Mike Pence Feels Very Aggrieved. Where's My Violin?
1/7/2021 Trump's Mob Runs Wild. Why is Anyone Shocked?
1/4/2021 Another Perfect Beautiful Trump Call
12/30/2020 A Young, Healthy Republican Spoke at a Maskless Rally. Now He's Dead.
12/23/2020 Trump Pardons Four Murdering War Criminals. That's Our Boy.
12/17/2020 Lest We Forget, Republicans Were Un-American Long Before Trump
12/8/2020 Can Disease-Spreading Dolts Be Reasoned With?
12/1/2020 Scott Atlas Has Quit, But Can't Scrub the Blood Off His Hands
11/19/2020 How Does Emily Murphy Sleep At Night?
11/17/2020 Just Peachy: As Georgia Goes, So Goes the Senate
11/10/2020 Science Triumphant: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Vivek Murthy
10/30/2020 Six Reasons to Wave Bye Bye to the Biden Family 'Scandal'
10/27/2020 Biden's Statement to Slowly Move From Oil to Renewable Energy is a Gaffe?
10/20/2020 Another Profile in Courage from the GOP Cowardice Corps
10/16/2020 Whenever Trump Flaps His Yap, He Makes the Best Case for Biden
10/13/2020 Flailing Trump Thinks Time Travel Will Rescue His Campaign
10/8/2020 My Exclusive Interview With the Fly That Sat on Mike Pence's Head
10/6/2020 Trump Makes It Tough to be Sympathetic
10/2/2020 The Ultimate October Surprise is Not a Surprise at All
9/30/2020 Biden Spoke For All of Us When He Told Trump to 'Shut Up'
9/22/2020 Dr Trump Can't Resist Looking Foolish on Coronavirus
9/16/2020 'Please Stop, Sir': Trump Rebuked By Philly Voter
9/10/2020 Trump Knew. End of Story.
9/9/2020 Who's Jonesing to Inject Trump's Miracle Vaccine?
8/28/2020 Trump Turns the People's House into a Petri Dish
8/25/2020 The New Republican Platform 'I'm With Stupid'
8/21/2020 Joe Biden Wants to 'Make Hope and History Rhyme'
8/19/2020 2020 Election: Biden Versus 'A Grave Counterintelligence Threat'
8/12/2020 Kamala Harris and the Promise of America
8/4/2020 A Female Veep Nominee: After Two Whiffs, A Potential Winning Hit
7/29/2020 Republicans Want To Help Beat Trump. Enter Angry Liberals.
7/23/2020 Three Big Reasons Why Joe Biden Continues To Trump Trump
7/21/2020 Hypocrisy On Parade: Praising John Lewis While Ruining His Life's Work
7/14/2020 Dr Fauci, We Always Knew It Would Come To This
7/7/2020 Trump and Hoover Show What Happens When Businessmen Become President
7/1/2020 Oklahoma Delivers a Decisive Win... To Obama
6/18/2020 Bolton Refused To Help When It Mattered Most. But There's An Upside.
6/8/2020 'Defund The Police' A Slogan Ripe For Republican Exploitation
5/26/2020 Trump Is Dragging A Dead Woman Through The Mud
5/21/2020 Trump Is Preparing To Yell 'Fraud!' If He Loses In November
5/12/2020 The Fake 'Obamagate' Is Trump's New Birther Con
5/7/2020 Refusing to Wear a Mask is America at its Worst
4/30/2020 Firing Rick Bright Was the Trump Regime at its Darkest
4/23/2020 America's Dumbest Governor is Fixin' to Get More People Killed
4/15/2020 Six reasons Why Uncle Joe is Well Positioned to Topple Trump
3/25/2020 Trump and Fox News: Deadly Lies in a Feedback Loop
3/12/2020 As Coronavirus Spreads, Trump Showing How Unfit He Is To Lead
3/4/2020 Uncle Joe Is On Top, and That's No Malarkey
2/23/2020 Here's How Bernie Can Beat Trump! (Possibly. Theoretically.)
2/12/2020 New Hampshire Muddle: Bernie Underwhelms the Yogi Berra Democrats
2/4/2020 Dear Democrats: Beat Bernie Sanders, Or You'll Feel the Burn
1/30/2020 Goodbye, Democracy. Hello, King Donald the First.
1/22/2020 The Trump Trial is Democracy's Ultimate Stress Test
1/9/2020 Michael Corleone Could Teach Trump a Lesson About Iran
12/31/2019 Buzz Off, 2019: A Pop Quiz On This Year's Trumpster Fire
12/26/2019 A Fresh Gesture of Concern From the Fellowship of the Furrowed Brow
12/11/2019 Will Impeachment Hurt Trump in 2020? Here's the Case for Optimism
12/4/2019 Snarky Mockery of Joe Biden is Sheer Malarkey
11/26/2019 A Court Ruling To Be Thankful For: 'Presidents Are Not Kings'
11/21/2019 Ambassador Goes Full Agatha Christie on the Trump Regime
11/14/2019 Why are Republicans Still Obsessed with the Whistleblower?
11/7/2019 Republicans Remain Tethered to Toxic Trump
11/4/2019 How to Lose the 2020 Election, by Elizabeth Warren
10/15/2019 What Most of the Impeachment Heroes Have in Common
10/9/2019 Trump Stonewalls the Constitution, Democrats Say 'Bring It On'
10/1/2019 Trump Can't Control the Story Anymore
9/25/2019 Republicans, in Thrall to Dear Leader, Dig a Deeper Bunker
9/17/2019 Boosting Social Security: Elizabeth Warren's Potentially Winning Issue
9/9/2019 Would an Economic 'Trump Slump' Doom His Re-election?
9/4/2019 Has Trump Lowered the Bar for Biden's Serial Gaffes?
8/28/2019 Don't Immediately Dismiss Trump's Republican Challenger
8/20/2019 Democrats Wrong to Turn Their Backs on Anti-Trump Republicans
8/14/2019 Even if Democrats Dump Trump, They'll Need to Ditch Mitch
8/5/2019 Will Republicans Finally Disown Trump's Incendiary Racism?
8/1/2019 The Democratic Circular Firing Squad Forgot About Trump
7/23/2019 Mueller's Testimony: Impeachment Accelerant or Anticlimax?
7/15/2019 Trump's Racist Tweets: A Foretaste of Toxic 2020
6/27/2019 Elizabeth Warren Wants To Abolish Private Health Insurance. Uh Oh.
6/25/2019 The Numbing of America: Trump Allegations Treated As Old News
6/11/2019 In Defense of Joe Biden's Switcheroo
6/3/2019 Naval Gazing: Trump is Still Bedeviled by a Dead Man
5/22/2019 Meet the Conservative Republican Who's Putting Country Over Party
5/16/2019 We're One Supreme Court Case Away From Outlawing Abortion
5/13/2019 What Democrats Fear Most in 2020: A Bullish Trump Economy
5/2/2019 Anti-Science Ignorance Stokes Public Health Crisis
4/23/2019 On Impeachment, Will Democrats Put Country Over Party?
4/8/2019 Kirstjen Nielsen and the High Cost of Amoral Servitude
4/1/2019 Health Care Stupidity is a Republican Preexisting Condition
3/25/2019 Trump's Big New Lie
3/19/2019 Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg (Who?!) Elevates Our Discourse
3/6/2019 Welcome to the Watergate Era 2.0
2/26/2019 The Trump Regime Wants to Believe the Earth is Flat
2/18/2019 Fealty to Trump or the Constitution?
2/5/2019 Chris Christie is Desperate for Any Piece of the Action
1/29/2019 Five Takeaways from the Farcical Trump Shutdown
1/15/2019 Border 'Crisis' Distracts Us From the True National Emergency
1/10/2019 If President Hillary Clinton Had Stormed Out of a Meeting...
1/1/2019 A Dirty Dozen Trump Trivia Quiz
12/25/2018 Are Republicans Finally Smelling the Trumpster Fire?
12/21/2018 Should There Be a TV Ban on Kellyanne?
12/11/2018 The Republican Election Fraud that Trump Refuses to Tweet About
12/4/2018 Before He Was 'Kinder, Gentler,' Poppy Bush Pioneered TV Ad Lies
11/19/2018 The Ridiculous Democratic Rebellion Against Nancy Pelosi
11/7/2018 Blue Wave Meets Red Wall: Split decision for a Divided Nation
10/30/2018 Trump Sows the Wind, Reaps the Whirlwind
10/3/2018 There's One Big Loser in the Kavanaugh Fight
9/24/2018 Republicans Determined to Alienate as Many Women as Possible
9/12/2018 All Talk, No Action: A Republican Metaphor
8/26/2018 Democratic Diversity is Making America Great Again
8/2/2018 Donald Trump and 'The Death of Truth'
7/25/2018 Lots of Tips on How to Live Sanely in Trumplandia
7/10/2018 Trump Buys Survival Insurance From Brett Kavanaugh
7/3/2018 Hey, Democrats: It's The Supreme Court Stupid
6/19/2018 Will Trump's Kid Cruelty Sink the GOP in November?
6/12/2018 Trump Envies 'Love' for North Korean Dictator
5/23/2018 Four Reasons Democrats Could Lose the Congressional Midterms
5/16/2018 The Profiteer- in-Chief Goes belly Up for China
5/3/2018 Rudy and His Fox News Farce
4/19/2018 Missouri's Republican Sex Scandal is Way Better Than Trump's
4/11/2018 The GOP's 'Hollow Men': Spineless in the Face of Crisis
4/5/2018 Trump's Latest Headache is in Wisconsin
3/22/2018 The Austin Bomber was a White Christian. Ban Them All!
3/14/2018 On Pennsylvania Trump Turf, a House Seat Goes Blue
3/7/2018 Team Trump Braces for More Stormy weather
3/1/2018 President Trump is Coming For Your Guns
2/11/2018 Yes, a Republican Running for Congress is Also a Nazi
1/25/2018 Trump and His Toadies Don Tinfoil Hats
1/17/2018 Wolff's Book Resonates Because Trump Keeps Confirming It
1/10/2018 On Immigration, Trump is Rudderless
12/29/2017 President Trump in 2017: A Pop Quiz
12/13/2017 Kudos to Our Saviors in Alabama
11/30/2017 Remember When Matt Lauer Was Trump's Chump?
11/10/2017 Trump Goes Belly Up In China
10/30/2017 Trump's Apologists Couldn't Care Less About Indictments
10/26/2017 Senator Versus Demagogue, and History's Verdict
10/19/2017 'Fake News' Exposes Trump's Swamp Creature
10/11/2017 Republicans Decide Sex Harassment is Very, Very Bad
9/27/2017 Meet the New Face of Republican Extremism
9/19/2017 Hillary is Right about the Mainstream Media
9/13/2017 An Ignorant America Endangers Democracy
9/6/2017 Should Democrats Do a Deal for the Dreamers?
8/31/2017 Big Government is Bad Until Red States Need Help
8/24/2017 Beat the Press: Trump's Survival Strategy
8/17/2017 CEOs to Trump: You're Bad for Business
8/11/2017 Still Waiting for Trump's Tweet About Mosque Bombing
7/27/2017 When the Chips Are Down, 'Maverick' McCain Shoots Blanks
7/13/2017 What Will it Take for Republicans to Say Enough is Enough?
7/6/2017 Trump's Media Flunky Thought He 'Walked on Water'
6/29/2017 JFK's Advice for Trump About the Press
6/23/2017 Republicans Take from the Poor, Give to the Rich
6/15/2017 Let's Play Ball on Gun Reform
6/8/2017 What Republicans are Ignoring About Comey's Testimony
6/1/2017 Trump Bridges the Partisan Divide. Just Not Ours
5/18/2017 Yet Another Impeachable Offense
5/10/2017 Trump's Totally Predictable Tuesday Night Massacre
5/3/2017 In Defense of The New York Times' New Climate Skeptic
4/18/2017 Trump's Broken Promise Could Break Another Promise
4/5/2017 Is Bill O'Reilly Too Big To Fail?
3/29/2017 Moscow on the Potomac
3/9/2017 A Big Little Lie From Fox-Trump Media
2/23/2017 No, Obama is Not Plotting a 'Treasonous Coup'
2/15/2017 Republicans Have Lost Their Appetite to Investigate
2/2/2017 On the Supreme Court, Democrats Simply Lost
1/26/2017 Will the Men in the White Coats Drag Trump Away?
1/19/2017 Too Sleazy Even for the Trump Swamp
1/12/2017 Trump is Sabotaging His Own Presidency
1/4/2017 Can Megyn Kelly Thrive Outside the Bubble?
12/27/2016 The Latest Lie From Trump's Alt-Reality
12/13/2016 Six Questions for Trump About Russia
12/7/2016 Should Democrats Become the Party of No?
11/17/2016 Beyond the Beltway, Democrats are Even Worse Off
11/9/2016 The Primal Scream for Trump and What It Means
11/3/2016 Jefferson/Adams was the Clinton/Trump of It's Day
10/26/2016 Wait, We're Talking about Utah?!
10/10/2016 Donald Trump: The Banana Republic Candidate
9/21/2016 Crooked Don's Slush Fund and the '16 Double Standard
9/13/2016 The Seniors Running for President Should Cough Up Their Medical Records
9/7/2016 Trump's Real Pay-to-Pay Scandal Ignored by the Media
8/31/2016 How False Media Equivalency is Benefiting Trump
8/25/2016 Let's Chew on the New Clinton Foundation Nothingburger
8/18/2016 Roger Ailes and Donald Trump Deserve Each Other
8/11/2016 Hillary Clinton's Transparency Phobia
8/4/2016 Can the GOP Nuke Its Own Nominee?
7/28/2016 Donald Trump Profited From 9/11
7/22/2016 Donald Trump's Fact-Free Marketing of Fear
7/13/2016 Take a Breath, Folks, 2016 is not 1968
6/29/2016 Goodbye, Benghazi Sleuths. Take Your Tinfoil Hats.
6/24/2016 Is Brexit a Harbinger of Trumpism?
6/16/2016 Worried Trump Can Beat Hillary? Don't Be.
6/14/2016 After Orlando, 3 Words Republicans Refuse to Utter
6/8/2016 Clinton Makes History, While Trump Mops His Mess
5/31/2016 Trump Hits New Low With Attack on 'Mexican' Judge
5/25/2016 Take a Wild Guess Which Political Party is Imperiling Babies
5/18/2016 Trump Loves the Taste of Bernie's Sour Grapes
5/12/2016 The Normalization of Trump Has Begun
5/4/2016 Abe Lincoln Must Be Rolling Over in His Grave
4/27/2016 Hillary Can Show Bernie How to Lose With Grace
4/20/2016 Hello? Earth to Bernie Sanders?
4/15/2016 Feeling the Bull: Bernie's Biggest Con
4/6/2016 The Rising Odds of Republican Chaos
3/31/2016 Trump's Just Winging It, and That Should Scare Everyone
3/30/2016 Scalia Dies, Unions Win
3/24/2016 The Politics of Terror in a Climate of Fear
3/17/2016 GOP Gapes at its Existential Crisis
3/10/2016 Hillary's Autumn Vulnerability
3/3/2016 Trump is Same GOP Racism Without the Dog Whistle
2/28/2016 Mitt isn't Exactly Superman
2/16/2016 Trump and the GOP's Identity Crisis
2/10/2016 New Hampshire's Populist Primal Scream
2/9/2016 Rubio's Brain-Embedded Computer Glitch
1/25/2016 The Most Idiotic Reactions to the Poisoning of Flint
1/15/2016 Ted Cruz Made Donald Trump Look Good
1/6/2016 Obama Gun Reforms vs Republican Gun Servants
1/4/2016 Bill Clinton's Sexual History? Really? Again?
12/28/2015 The Temptation of Donald Trump
12/16/2015 Fright-Wingers Compete to Freak Us Out
12/11/2015 The Soiling of Lincoln's Legacy
12/9/2015 What's the Republican plan for beating ISIS?
12/7/2015 A Key Shift for Obama in ISIS Address
12/2/2015 Fear Not, Trump Will Still Crash and Burn
11/30/2015 White Domestic Terrorist Says 'No More Body Parts'
11/22/2015 Suspected Terrorists in America are Free to Buy Guns
11/20/2015 Ben Carson and the Comedic Farce of 'Lotagate'
11/18/2015 GOP Islamophobia is Back With a Vengeance
11/16/2015 Is Hillary Ready for ISIS?
11/13/2015 Starbucks Cups and the Internet Idiocracy
11/11/2015 Trump May Take GOP Down With Him
11/6/2015 Why Legal Pot Went Down in Ohio
11/3/2015 Now Republicans are Debating Their Debates
10/28/2015 A New Planned Parenthood Committee!
10/20/2015 Trump Drags the Republicans Back to 9/11
10/15/2015 Hey Democrats, What About Congress?
10/9/2015 House of Clowns
10/6/2015 The Scandalous Suppression of Gun Violence Research
10/1/2015 Clintons Remain Lucky to Have Such Hapless Enemies
9/22/2015 Dead Man Walker's Urgent Plea to the GOP
9/15/2015 Bernie Sends A Strong Message to Hillary
9/7/2015 Fox News busts Dick Cheney
9/2/2015 Obama Haters' Heads Detonate over 'DenaliGate'
8/26/2015 Will Joe Biden 'Feel the Tingle?'
8/20/2015 Planned Parenthood and the Queen of Hearts
8/13/2015 Trump to the Defense of Planned Parenthood?
8/6/2015 Congress Too Gutless to Raise the Gas Tax
7/28/2015 The War Against Planned Parenthood
7/22/2015 Scott Walker Versus Science
7/15/2015 Scott Walker's Delusion
7/7/2015 Yet Another Right-Wing Obama Freakout
6/26/2015 A Great Day in History
6/23/2015 A Ray of Hope in the Confederacy of Dunces
6/12/2015 Just Be Glad You Don't Live in Kansas
6/3/2015 Conservative Trolls Go After Beau Biden
5/28/2015 Bernie Sanders is Bad News for Hillary
5/22/2015 Debate Dilemma: How to Cull the Republican Herd
5/14/2015 Ten Billion Bucks for a Presidential Race?
4/16/2015 Chris Christie Has Gone to Pot
4/15/2015 The GOP's High Demographic Hurdles
4/9/2015 Why Rand Paul is Doomed to Lose
4/3/2015 Obama and Iran: The Upside of Talking to Adversaries
3/10/2015 GOP's Letter to Iran Flirts with Treason
3/3/2015 Hillary Gets Busted for Secrecy (Again)
2/25/2015 Bill O'Reilly Goes to War
2/19/2015 Jeb Lugs Dubya's Weighty Baggage
2/12/2015 Bob Simon: 'A Reporter's Reporter'
2/4/2015 Vaccine Politics: Bowing at the Altar of Ignorance
1/13/2015 On Elizabeth Warren, the Bright Shiny Object
1/8/2015 On French Massacre, Fox News Stays in Character
12/16/2014 Thank Ted Cruz for the Surgeon General the NRA Hates
12/3/2014 Jeb Bush's Shakespearean Rumination
11/11/2014 Guns on the Ballot: Voters 1, NRA 0
10/30/2014 Boehner suing Obama: Whatever Happened to that Stunt?
10/21/2014 Why are Americans So Czar-Struck?
10/14/2014 Fresh Evidence How the Supreme Court has Screwed Up Politics
9/30/2014 D.C. Statehood: Praise for a Lost Cause
9/24/2014 Christie's Big Problem isn't the Bridge, it's the Economy
9/11/2014 Clueless Pundits Cluck About Domestic Violence
9/9/2014 50th Anniversary of the TV Ad that Changed Politics
9/2/2014 Will Obama Cost Democrats the Senate?
8/26/2014 Obamacare, the Incredible Shrinking Campaign Issue
8/19/2014 Michael Brown Had Pot in His Blood!
8/14/2014 Hillary and Obama Hug It Out, Whatever That Means
8/12/2014 Ebola Ignorance and the Marketing of Fear
8/7/2014 Why Won't Obama Fire the Liar?
8/5/2014 Meet the Summer's Dumbest GOP White Man
7/31/2014 Governor for Sale
7/30/2014 Here Comes the 2014 Midterm Electiozzzzzz
7/22/2014 A Plane is Shot Down. What Would Reagan Do?
7/15/2014 House GOP's Hilarious Strategy is Born to Lose
7/8/2014 Idiocracy Think Obama Visited a Mosque on July 4
7/1/2014 Buffer Zones for Hypocrite Justices
6/24/2014 The Real 2016 Battle is Between Dick and Rand
6/17/2014 Hillary's 'Dead Broke' Definition Differs From Yours
6/10/2014 Why No Mention of Domestic Right-wing Terrorism?
6/3/2014 Want Some Guns With Your Fries?
5/20/2014 Standing Up to the Climate Deniers
5/13/2014 Galileo Would Recognize Climate Change Deniers
5/6/2014 Censorship 1, Condoleezza Rice 0
5/1/2014 Fox News Fan Says Obamacare Saved His Life
4/22/2014 Keystone Pipeline Punt is Pure Politics
4/15/2014 Real Voter Fraud is Curbing the Right to Vote
4/8/2014 Mozilla's CEO and the Right to be Wrong
4/1/2014 Obamacare Haters Can't Handle the Truth
3/25/2014 Mitt Romney's Sour Grapes Tour
3/18/2014 Whining About the Koch Brothers is a Losing Strategy
3/11/2014 Climate Change Talkathon a Sign of Weakness
3/4/2014 Obama, Ukraine and Republican Amnesia
2/18/2014 Obama's Checkbook Ambassadors: Business as Usual
2/12/2014 Rand Paul's Laughable Lewinsky Obsession
11/19/2013 Thanksgiving with the Cheneys
11/7/2013 Will the GOP Learn its Election Night Lesson
7/23/2013 Political Benefits of a Royal Baby
7/9/2013 Hooray for George W Bush!
6/25/2013 Supreme Court Conservatives Shred a Civil Rights Law
5/14/2013 IRS Scandal is a Tale of Irony and Ineptitude
5/1/2013 The Gosnell Murder Trial and the Liberal 'Conspiracy'
4/23/2013 Boston Bombing: A Lame Excuse to Halt Immigration Reform
4/16/2013 Boston Bombs Prompt Twitter Toxicity
4/7/2013 Sequester Cuts: Not In My Backyard!
3/26/2013 Red-State Democrats: Profiles in Cowardice
3/18/2013 Rand Paul and the New Isolationism
3/13/2013 Paul Ryan's Fantasy Yearnings
3/5/2013 Obama's New Quest For Fat Cat Money
2/20/2013 Conservative Bad Boy Plays the God Card
2/12/2013 Why Christie's Girth is a Weighty Issue

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